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Dalian Office

Project Information


Client: Shuangtaigou Village

Site Location: Dalian, Liaoning Province 



Project Date: 2012

Project Status: Complete

ZEDfactory has been commissioned to redesign a multi-purpose building, including offices, auditorium, restaurant and exhibition space, as part of a new masterplan in Dalian. The building, whose construction has been stopped for more than a year, wraps around the edge of the site, framing views across the new deveopment and the beautiful surrounding landscape and becoming one of the mayor attractions of the new development. The existing scheme is composed of two wings of offices and a circular space in-between them where Landscape surrounding the office building restaurant and auditorium have been located. Such design has raised many issues which will be explained in the folllowing report. The aim of ZEDfactory is to provide design solutions and give the appropriate vibrant language to the building to connect it either with the landscape and with the surrounding masterplan. 

The big idea is to use the low energy strategy to both deliver a comfortable well lit administrative hub for the community at the same time as transforming the appearance of the new building. Each piece of functional engineering logich as been carefully composed to create a new aesthetic that reflects the environmentally benign aspirations of the new community.

Energy Strategy

Auditorium Design Proposal

Auditorium Layout Proposals

ZEDfactory propose two options to improve the current auditorium layout. In the first option the auditorium is still divided in threehalls, but additional the layout has been changed to improve the internal space:

  • corridors have been added to improve the circulation.

  • Daylight would enter into the building through skylights above these corridors and will also get into each hall through fixed horizontal windows at the top of the room.

  • Additional skylights could be incorporated in the open airstalls on the second floor big terrace.

  • We provide 6 exits to auditorium to the connected lounge.

  • Extra space for exhibitions would be achieved by raisingthe auditorium stalls

  • The main auditorium, including its stage, would be bigger, this can be obtained removing

  • Disable and VIP accesses have been improved

A second option for the internal layout have been explored for an eventual bigger auditorium, which would be a service for the whole community.

  • The three halls have been merged to create a biggerspace. To do so the 5 columns in the middle would be removed and beams size would be increased.

  • The skylights would dramatize the volume shapeinside the hall.

Office Roof Design Proposal

The new office design will make an excellent aspirational local government headquarters for this region of the Dalian province.


  • The existing concrete frame has been reused with very little or no modification required in most places

  • The cladding materials swap expensive stone rainscreen for lower cost external shade louvres

  • No suspended ceiling is required, with plaster directly onto the concrete slab saving money and helping with the passive cooling principles

  • Advanced lightshelves with integrated LED lighting on daylight sensors help minimise the need for artificial lighting in the deep plan

  • All rooms have advanced natural ventilation powered by the seasonal prevailing wind positive and negative pressure, with fan assisted mechanical ventilation only cutting in when CO2 sensors are triggered by high room occupancy

  • All mechanical ventilation is very low pressure drop minimising parasitic fan-power and incorporates 70 % heat recovery efficiency on 100 per cent fresh air intake

  • Cooling loads are reduced by nearly 100 % external shading when sunlight is strongest in midsummer

  •  Larger window areas give better views of the surrounding countryside and coastline

  • Green roof terraces create a publicly accessible rooftop landscape for outdoor events and theatre

  • The auditorium has been redesigned to give the option of larger audiences, and with good daylight for conferences

  • Rooftop tea houses give valuable space for entertaining VIPs and attracting investment into the area

  •  The new offices will provide much better working conditions for staff and government officials, and will help attract and retain high quality staff

  • The new building will help communicate new low carbon construction concepts to local contractors, and help raise awareness for the potential benefits of low carbon design for the local population.

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