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going off-grid room by room

ZED Energy 


ZED Power (solar-charged exchangeable batteries)

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A 1kwh Solar-charged exchangeable battery that can power any household appliance.

ZED LIFE has developed a 1kwh battery that could power any household appliance whilst being light enough to be conveniently handled and moved. You no longer need to buy a battery with every appliance because the modular ZED LIFE battery is interchangeable. It can configure automatically to match the size and electrical demand of each application. It is charged very simply from two 250watt mono solar panels with a charge controller etc. This number of solar panels will charge one battery in one day in most climates. Now, we use LIPO4 battery chemistry because it is safe and stable and has the longest battery life. Providing the average discharge stays at 75% between 2500 and 5000 charge cycles can be expected. The maximum depth of discharge can be pre-set. BIPV façade super-insulated over-cladding, once added to existing buildings, charges exchangeable batteries from room to room.

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