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Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Centre

Projects / Mixed use

Jingdezhen Ceramic Centre

Project information


Client: Yourun International

Project Date: 2014



Site Location: Jingdezhen City, China

Project Status: Planning Application

Jingdezhen, named in honour of local fine white clay and bone like porcelain. The distinctive blue and white glaze and traditional artwork were copied all over Europe. The city of Jingdezhen has been the focus of the Chinese ceramic industry for millennia, and has become the global ambassador for one of the most refined art forms from an ancient culture. The architecture and master planning are by ZEDfactory and will be one of the best global examples of low carbon urbanism applied to an interesting and diverse public realm.

Direct flights can be taken between Jingdezhen, Beijing and Shanghai by travelling through Jingdezhen Luojia Airport. Jingdezhen Railway station also provides links Beijing, Shanghai and surrounding cities and towns. The China Railway Corporation have announced there will be a high speed rail extension, stopping in Jingdezhen in 2017, allowing even faster access to the site.

Site Location

Weather Data

Existing Plan

Public Transport Access

Project Concept


The original site contained low grade buildings that were removed to feature buildings are retained.


The Topical Chinese shopping malls have a little active frontage and uninviting on the site.


By splitting the site into walk-able blocks, a shopping district can be created.


Once the ground pedestrian routes are created, the blocks are manipulated to create stopping points and plazas.


Public spaces are created within the pattern of urban blocks.


Linkages on high level make full use of buildings at all level


Vertical circulation points ensure that all destinations can be easily reached.


Main routes are protected by solar canopy to ensure that they are usable in all weathers,create slow circulation benefits on all commercial stores


South Aerial View with Solar Panel 

The really big idea in this project is to move the solar farm from the valuable farmland outside the city into where electricity is needed in the city centre. Making the solar farm into a translucent ventilated glazed roof sheltering the main circulation routes from rain and sun creates pedestrian friendly streets in all weathers and increases the commercial value of plots farthest from the main city road.

Main Entrance Elevation

Street Elevation


Central Square

Central covered market concept facing open air urban square.


Golden triangle for pedestrian circulation


Roof landscape & Slides

屋顶花园 & 滑梯

Central Plaza


Open Air Cinema


On the three corners of the triangular circulation, we have designed landmark buildings and special landscapes (i.e. slides or roof garden) to attract people arriving different parts of the site.

View of the plaza

First Floor Pedestrain Circulation

The site is permeable at all levels resulting in less need for vertical circulation between buildings.


Open Air Theatre View

Conventional way putting a different function within different massing.


Connections through the Commercial Spaces 


Court Yard & Roof Terrace View

View of the Shopping Street

The spaces between the buildings can then provide natural cross ventilation and daylight with the stepped building massing and vertical circulation encouraging visitors from street level to upper gallery floors and a sequence of rooftop gardens connected by pedestrian bridges.

Gallery Interior

Daylight strategy on Building Façade

Proposal of Building 6 South Façade

Analysis on Building 6 South Façade

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