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One Planet Business Garden

Projects / Mixed use

One Planet Business Centre

Project information


Client: One planet

Project Date: May 2014



Site Location: Amersfoort, Holland

Project Status: City Planning

Building the climate shell of solar panels on a wooden frame around the original structure and covering the climate shell with solar panels, an old office building in Amersfoort is being transformed into an inspiring business garden. The new build generates all energy for itself. The business garden is insulated with double-glazing and a thick layer of cork. Almost all horizontal surfacesare covered with plants, creating a living facade.The shell and the old building are connected using wooden boxes, which adds extra office space on above the business garden. Walkways are paved around the original structure, giving everyone the possibility getting lose in the garden.

Meeting and recreation 

Independent meeting rooms for the community

Green atrium that helps to regulate the temperature and air quality

Green walls and cork insulation

Electric vehicle charging stations and bike facilities

One Planet recipe for Sustainability


Collect ingredients:

   1. Old building

   2. Natural or recycled materials with low embodied carbon

   3. Energy efficient equipment

Build a climate shell on a wooden frame around the old building and cover the roof and south wall of the climate shell with solar panels. These generate all energy in the building.

Insulate the old building with double-glazing and a thick layer of cork. Cover all horizontal surfaces with plants. Connect the shell to the old building with wooden boxes. Use the inside of the wooden boxes for extra office space and the top for roof gardens.

Build walkways between the old building and the shell to give access to all floors and roof gardens. Renew completely all interior spaces and equipment. Build a shared mobility park in the basement.

Educate users and build a vibrant community.

Insulation & Cladding

Plug in Boxes

Shell Structure

External Envelope

South-east View (Before)

North-west View (After)

The roof space and walls of the existing building became garden in the renovation

Work in garden

Business garden provides two spectacular enclosed working gardens on the East and South side

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