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Zero Carbon Kit House

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This construction system uses a post and beam box frame, manufactured from Welsh timber. This provides a durable structure which is flexible in layout and provides the unique experience of a traditional timber frame building.

Ecobuild London 2009

One system many opportunities

The Kit House frame creates an airtight box onto which different roof and cladding options can be applied. This gives the flexibility to creat eco villages and towns with interesting and varied streetcapes and also sensitivity to local vernacular.

South facing homes have low winter fuel consumption than East/West - however each plot will have different access and street scenes to fit into. wherever possible we recommend the South facing detached home as providing the optimum balance between energy efficiency and amenity. However the extended car port on the East/West design could provide additional area for future photovoltaic panel mounting opportunities, compensating for the lack of solar gain. The cost saving obtained from omitting the sunspace could fund these panels.

Zero Carbon Kit House Project

Grande Synthe

A completed house in Grande Synthe, near Dunkirk in northern France

Upton Rural ZED

Terrace at Upton Square, Northamptonshire, UK

The first terrace of RuralZED zero carbon homes to achieve the coveted BRE Code 6 'as built' certification have been built for the Metropolitan Housing Trustat Upton near Northampton. The terrace includes a mixture of three bed social housing units for rent and private sale. Achieving around 50 homes per ha, they demonstrate the viability of achieving the highest level of the government's Code for Sustainable Homes at a residential density representing 70 % of all homes in the UK.

Zero carbon, low cost living units 

Plan view

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