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Different locations require different densities of dwellings and different food, transport, waste and services strategies (2009)

LandARK affordable, comfortable accommodation that works well as a home or sleeps up to 8 people as a shorter stay cabin. It has been designed with site context particularly in mind, with materials and form chosen to blend seamlessly into the natural landscape. It is made form healthy natural materials such as FSC timber and perches on the land without needing expensive foundations or concrete.

Heating is of logs in winter or using the summer sun to provide a hot shower with the lights and radio powered form sunlight for most of the year, or mid winter wind. No connection to drains is needed due to the use of a composting toilet and a rainwater collection tank.

The main structure is held together using a locking wedge system which holds together the arch components into sections and even purlins. This allows the manufacture of a free standing timber structure without any metal components.

Development density is one of the most important criteria for choosing which low carbon strategies to prioritise in both urban and rural regeneration and new infrastructure construction.

Using traditional / medieval timber jointing the frame coms in small man handleable pieces, which can be delivered on palettes.

Garden ARK

With the same structural system as the LandARK, the Garden ARK is ideally suited to home offices, small holiday accommodation or even just an extra room in the back garden.   It is the perfect place to read a book, write a novel, watch the stars or just escape from the house. Due to it is modular design it comes in a number of variations based on standardised pods.


  • Easy to assemble kit form

  • Planning permission not required for most circumstances               made from trees, sheep, soil and grass

  • Designed to sit 'in' rather than 'on' the landscape

  • Big patio doors for summer

  • Patio deck to sit outside

  • Plant your own green roof to match your garden

  • Camouflage roof surfaces from above 

  • Space for a fold away double bed, or lawn mower

  • Sheep wool insulation

  • 100% sustainable materials and FSC timber frame

  • Weatherboard cladding

  • Double glazed patio doors

Single Garden ARK

Interior Layout

Double Garden ARK

Interior Layout

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