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Monte da Rocha

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Monte Da Rocha

Project information


Client: Monte da Rocha          

Project Date: 2012




Site Location: Portugal

It is now important to refocus the existing planning permission around an economic model that can be funded because it meets the needs of an emerging target market looking for a more affordable resort in anund is covered part of Portugal


So we have looked at the potential of creating the worlds’ first climate neutral holiday destination – where the carbon footprint of both the holiday and the travel is offset by the renewable energy power station integrated into the development.


This innovation will ensure Portugal leads the way in responsible environmentally benign tourism, and will set up the relatively undiscovered Alentjo region as the natural replacement to the Algarve for the next generation of climate conscious investors and holiday makers.


So if we can obtain a timely licence for a minimum 6 and preferred 10 MW solar farm from the Portuguese government – the investment in the Monte de Rocha project is all set to proceed.

Total annual solar irradiation map

- Yellow and green show areas receiving the most sunlight

Annual outputs of solar panel spositioned at Monte da Rocha

The land is suitable for an 8 to 10 MW solar farm - possibly more. High tension power lines cross the site, which should enable a new substation to be added to take the power produced fairly easily. There are new solar farms being built near by, that suggest that thee conomics work with the local feed in tariff


Rather than impose a rigid engineering led rectangular solar farm on the beautiful landscape – we have opted for panel arrangements like flower petals that respect contours - focused around raised shade belvederes for chilling out in the hot summer.

Earth bermed terraces

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