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Jubilee Wharf

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Jubilee Wharf

Project information


Client: Robotmother Ltd.

Project Date: Summer 2006



Site Location: Cornwall, UK

Project Status: Construction Finished

Jubilee Wharf is a mixed-use development that contributes to the community life of the coastal town while drawing attention to the ambient energies it harvests. It provides an enhanced quality of life at the same time as reducing the environmental impact of the activities that occur there.


Jubilee Wharf provides certain community services that were previously lacking in Penryn. The studios provide a platform for local artists and craftspeople to showcase their work. The nursery helps parents balance childcare and employment. Affordable offices help small businesses get established. The hall is used for a variety of events by different community groups, for example band nights, art exhibitions and town fetes. The cafe/ bar on the water’s edge is a vital focal point and meeting place for all the community.

Jubilee Wharf view from Commercial Road

As with other ZED buildings the first objective was to reduce the energy the buildings consumed by super insulating the envelope and high air tightness. By this method the size of mechanical services was reduced so the whole development only required a 75 kW wood pellet boiler for all its heating and hot water needs. Other systems such as solar hot water panels and the use of low temperature under floor heating helped the specification of such a small boiler. The wood pellets were sourced locally and a large pellet store meant only one delivery per year is needed. The same principles reduced water consumption by using low usage tap and shower fixtures. All electrical items were specified on their energy rating so that all white goods, such as fridges and cookers were electrically ‘A ‘ rated or better and only low energy light fittings were used. By this reduction the four 6 kW wind turbines provide the majority of the electricity the site requires during the course of a year.

Jubilee Wharf view from Fal estuary


Housing Design Awards 2007

Future Proof Award 

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