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Gaojiatang Water Museum

Projects / Public Buildings

Gaojiatang Water Museum

Project Information


Client: Shanchuan Government

Site Location: Zhejiang Province, Shanchuan



Project Date: 2013-Now

Project Status: Under Construction

Low Shan Chuan Village is located in the southern part of Anji county, with the Yu Hang to the East and Lin An to theSouth. It is bordered by Tian Huang Ping Village to the Northwest and it is 90 km from Hu Zhou downtown and its distance to Shanghai is 200km which not far from Hangzhou. Shan Chuan (in Chinese means mountains and rivers) Village is famous for its mountains, rivers and natural landscape and that’s where the name of the village come from. The whole village is made by 6 small villages, 43 villager groups, 1639 units and 6018 people. The total area of the village is 46.72sqkm. The total area of forest is 63700 mu (4248.79 hectares). The area of the bamboo forest is 25300 mu (1687.51hectares). It has beautiful scenery and pleasant environment. The annual average temperature is 14.7 ℃, the annual average rainfall is 1700 mm. The entire village has 88.8 % of land is covered by forest and the plants coverage is reached 93.2%. And both the air quality and surface water quality has reach level1. In the last few years, Shan Chuan Village is focusing on the protection and development of eco environment, at the same time, promoting econamy growth and social progress. In May 2004, the village has been given ‘National Environmental Beauty Village Award’ and ‘ Green Builidng Creative Model Village’by National Housing Department. Qu Ge Ping, the father of sustainability discribed the village as a village that ‘ human and nature could live harmony’. Shan Chuan Village has rich natural resources, arounds in bamboo, tea, pecan and vegetables. The income of the villageis mainly come from firstly, bamboo, tea, pecan, bamboo chicken and vegetable, secondly, bamboo products, springwater, paper, chemical products and woollen sweaters. And the last is tourism and catering.

Design Scheme

The idea is to show how a small village in very beautiful mountain farmland can welcome large numbers of visitors from Shanghai and Hangzhou without destroying the very landscape that the city dwellers have come to enjoy. The weather changes fast in the mountains, and snow, rain, cloud and intense sunlight can all be experienced in one day. The weather in the mountains is often four degrees cooler than in lowland Hangzhou, making Shan Chuan village a refuge from the heat of the plains in mid-summer. The building merges a number of different requests from the village community and the mayor



The Centre has to welcome and shelter up to 1000 people a day at busy times in a large hall or atrium space:

  • These visitors may have sat in a car or coach for up to three hours

  • They need drinks, food and refreshments and even a leisurely banquet

  • They need information about how to enjoy the landscape and what planned activities are available

  • They are asked to value and think about the beautiful landscape and the bamboo forest by walking through an exhibition

  • They are asked to think about the fresh water coming from the mountains, and how the village keeps it clean.

  • They are asked if the wish to purchase produce from the village– whether crafts, bamboo souvenirs or vegetables

Circulation  - From green roof to atrium

Circulation  - From stair in atrium to the bamboo forest

Design Scheme

Floor Plan

Section / Space Aranging Priciple

1. Three Levels 

2. Interal Ramps 

3. Paddy Feild Roof

Machanical Ventilation & Structure Strategy

Natural Cross Ventilation

Cross Ventilation is promoted to allow for passive cooling ensuring a fresh and comfortable indoor climate. In Apartment 3 air is free to move from inlet to outlet especially in the living room. In other cases at least one window is always present a second opening is provided on an adjacent wall. Anyway, the worst scenario, where inlet and outlet opening are on the same side, does never appear in any of the proposed flats. This allows a natural extraction of odours and supply of fresh air.

Furthermore, the airflow reduces the humidity of the building. Some bigger openings such as glazed doors are also present on the southern facade of balconies on that side.

Construction Photos


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