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Sogal Office

Project Information


Client: Shuangtaigou Village

Site Location: Dalian, Liaoning Province 



Project Date: April 2014

Project Status: Complete

The main design idea of Sogal Office Building is to optimize the design of exterior apperance while maintaining the lowest amount of overall consumption. After our design scheme, the building is not only fashionable on behalf of the company's international image, but with high indoor comfort that save the economic costs for subsequent use.

Heat gain & heat loss comparison 


ZED Strategies

Monthly Heat Gain (kWh)

Monthly Heat Loss (kWh)

ZED Strategies: Thermal Comfort Analysis


ZED Strategies

  • By optimizing exterior structure of the building,thereby increase the comfort of indoor environment that reduce the needs of central heating during the winter.

  • By optimizing the building facades and using the outer sun shading blind system create natural ventilation which reduced the demand for mechanical ventilation.

  • Optimizing the natural lighting conditions in the office where the original depth of the plane remains the same.

  • Minimise the building electric energy consumption.

  • Reduce the cooling energy consumption in office areaduring the summer.

  • By upgrating the interior design of the office area toprovide an efficient office environment.

  • By making the building itself looks more in line with corporate personality and characteristics, establish adistinctive brand image.

M&E Strategies

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Dalian Office

Dalian Office

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