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Tongshan Materplan

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Tongshan Masterplan

Project Information


Client: Future House Real Estate LTD.

Site Location: Tongshan, Jiangsu Province 



Project Date: November 2007

Project Status: Complete

Protective landscaping with tall trees at the ends of buildings and road junctions provide community meeting spaces with shade from summer sun and visually safe spaces from home zone roads. This landscaping includes swales for surface run off and collection of rain water for irrigation. Stored water is collected in ponds providing both cooling of the urban heat island and amenity to residents. The building forms are organic designed to improve air flow across the site to help with cooling. Gently undulating roof lines and linear parks over parking give a roof top view of rolling hills with planted valleys mimicking nature.

Public Space

Private Gardens

Road System & Vehicle Access

The site has 2 main routes trisecting the site without creating a direct motor vehicle route through. This means that the quickest route for vehicular traffic will always be along boundary roads. Home zone areas marked in orange are pedestrian friendly traffic andparking routes. Home zones allow children to play without the danger of high speed trafficand are denoted by a different road surface to the main thorough fares, often porous pavingto help disperse surface run off around homes.

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