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Newquay Island Crescent

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Newquay Island Crescent

Project information


Client: The Verto Group

Project Date: 2013



Site Location: Newquay, Cornwall, UK

Project Status: Concept Design

Proposals for seven eco-homes to be built on the site of the former Penhallow Hotel


Mount Wise contains a mixture in scale and style of residential buildings, mostly 3 or 4 storey high, andsmall scale commercial units. It is also home to many hotels and guest houses, due to it’s convenient central location and proximity to the beaches. To the East of the site is a quite extended public car park area, whilst to the West Mount Wise road leads toward the Ocean beach. The western site boundary layson St George’s Road. As well as Mt Wise, St George’s Road consists mainly of residential buildings, of avariety of ages and character from Modern, to Mock Tudor to contemporary.

Although the site is at about 500m from the coast , the sloping topography does allow for views of theocean.

Scale & Massing

The previous structure to occupy the site, the Penhallow Hotel, was one of the tallest historic buildings in Newquay and sat as a grand 4 storey block with bay windows and balconies.

The neighbouring site across the road has an application approved for another large 4 story hotel


The proposed redevelopment re-introduces the rhythm of the neighbouring terraces, and although exceeding their ridge heignt, is broadly the same height as both the previous approved application and the Penhallow Hotel itself. Although there some parts fo the proposal that exceed these heights, they are set back from the street frontage and as such are less prominent.

The terraced rhythm is reinforced with the addition of protruding zinc clad bay windows. Roof terraces have been set back and frame less glass provides an elegant and low visibility balustrade.

The terrace steps gradually with the site contours: Units 1-4 step down from East to West, and units 5-7 step up from North to South. The mass of units 5-7 has also been carefully sculpted to ensure each home has excellent sea views but don’t overlook each other or neighbouring homes. They also stepdown in mass to avoid overshading the neighbouring solar roof surface and maintain their high electrical output.

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