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Now that we have our city adjusted to ZEDstandards, we can now reap the benefits that accrue from living a sustainable lifestyle...


  • Low allergy, well ventilated, thermally stable internal environment-Fresh local produce delivered to the door

  • Reduced commuting, excellent bicycle facilities and fewer shopping trips, combined with the quiet, safe streetscape and the neighbourliness has the potential to offer a lifestyle of low stress and more healthy exercise.

Sense of Community

  • ZED Bar

  • Neighbourliness




  • Car club membership removes the hassle of car ownership and maintenance

  • Food deliveries - internet and local farm

  • On-site facilities:

  • Childcare facilities-

  • Sports facilities-

  • ZED Bar

  • Ready fitted A-rated white appliances

  • Green lifestyle information service

  • Community composting service


Shanghai Expo ZEDpavilion

Sunspaces link the outside to the inside and vice versa


The use of low VOC finishes(like mineral paint and bees wax); non reliance on fitted carpets; omission of heating systems that dry out the internal air in winter; along with the continual ventilation of all spaces together insure a largely dust free, healthy indoor climate which lowers incidence of asthma and other ‘sick building’ syndromes. 

ZED homes rely on solar gain which means large glazed areas in turn give bright airy rooms which alleviate seasonal affective disorder or SAD.

Indoor and outdoor spaces are both crucial for wellbeing and the active use of the site as a place to meet and interact is essential. Indoor and outdoor spaces are connected with light and planting providing buffer zones like balconies and sunspaces - spaces to grow!

Clean bright interiors with low VOC finishes

Each chair made for ZEDfactory by a CAFA art student from reclaimed materials on a budget of £100 for Shanghai Expo ZEDpavilion auditorium - showing how everyone can be different in a low carbon future

Quality of life

The ZED concept aims to provide sustainable homes without the hair shirts. Occupants can live and work within their fair share of the earth’s resources without sacrificing convenience or mobility. In fact, it offers occupants a higher quality of life, increased levels of convenience, healthier lifestyles and cheaper running costs.

The range of ZED features that may enhance quality of life for occupants are catagorised below:


Internal Environment

  • Good daylight design

  • Conservatory

  • Good quality design

  • External environment

  • Sky gardens and balconies

  • Quiet, safe, low car Home Zone design


Financial Savings

  • Bill savings (water, electricity and heating)

  • Car free living - occupants who drive under 15,000km / year are financially better off as car club members than owning a private car

Green Transport Hub

An on site bio-digester uses food waste to produce biogas to cook Chinese and International cuisines, and the waste stream nutrients can be returned as fertilizer to the farms. Evening events and activities can be held, with shows and lectures on site, providing an entertaining and informative atmosphere to share, learn and relax.

Working with local small scale organic farms, delivering fresh, tasty and organic produce to the site via solar charged electric vehicles - the ZEDcafe & Bar demonstrates how food can be grown without using fossil fuels; delivered to the city without using fossil fuels; and without unnecessary packaging.

Residents in sky allotment - BedZED

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