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Next, we will introduce some of our bespoke solutions for integrating renewable technologies into our buildings...

ZED roof

What is the ZEDroof?

The ZEDroof is a new energy roof system which lets daylight into a loft to create a conservatory in your south-facing roof space whilst generating electricity.

The ZEDroof can make you money, while providing free energy.

  • An integrated energy and roofing system that reduces costs by replacing traditional roofing materials

  • An universal architectural product the creates a conservatory or atrium in the south-facing roof space

  • The most cost effective solution to generate high FITS returns wherever there is a new roofing or a re-roofing need

  • The ZEDroof forms and integral part of our ‘ Net Zero Carbon - Net Zero Energy Bills’ Solution

The roof becomes a weathering surface that doubles as a micro power producer. It allows for a solarium to be placed behind given the tedlar translucent backing allows light in at the fraction of the cost of glass- glass PV


Projects using ZEDroof system



Generating as much energy from renewable sources in a year as it consumes (2004)

Chalkwell Hall Art Centre

Chalkwell, UK

A sustainable refurbishment of a grade II listed building into an arts and community centre (2009)

Zhangwu Tourist CentreAnji

Anji, Zhejiang Province


Shanghai, China

Shanghai Art & Design Exhibition (2016)

Shanghai EXPO ZED Pavilion

Shanghai, China

The ZED Pavilion at Shanghai EXPO 2010 is an exemplar building showing howzero carbon architecture can be achieved in the Chinese climate (2009-2010)

Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Centre

Jingdezhen City, China

The architecture and master planning are by ZEDfactory and will be one of the best global examples of low carbon urbanism applied to an interesting and diverse public realm.

Renewable Application

Energy Wall

This system can replace cladding panels on unshaded facades +/- 20 degrees to south. Given the rate of reduction of PV prices these are cost effective even though they produce roughly less than the energy of a roof panel. The façade can also be used as a preheat twin façade to the surface of the building.Two different arrangements of the PV panels have been explored depending on the distance of the screen from the wall.

Option one: These are fixed alternated with openeable windows and all the panels have same module.

South Facade

Option two: PV panels are openeable, they only have one module but can be placed horizontally or vertically and alternated with squared windows to give more variety to the facade.

Solar thermal balcony

Solar thermal collectors can be integrated into balcony balustrades on higher density projects – freeing up roofspace for green roofs or PV.

Solar thermal

The U pipe collector is a type of Solar Thermal which is comprised of a manifold and many vacuum tubes each containing one U-shaped copper pipe. Sunlight is captured by the coated vacuum tubes which absorb the radiation as heat and conduct it through aluminium fins to the U pipes. A manifold on the top of the solar collector allows the working fluid (typically anti-freeze) to be pumped through all of the U pipes in parallel, and then through an external heat exchanger which transfers the heat to water in a pressurized storage tank.

Wind Power

Wind Turbine

Low velocity wind turbines which isolate mechanical gear from the outside environment provide suitable aerodynamically designed building with wind energy similar to that of open field conditions given wind concentration they are silent in operation and can be shut down by a photocell and electromagnetic break in case of flicker effect.


The windcowl product is used in buildings up to four storeys in height to provide 70% heat recovery ventilation without the use of motors or fans. This uses a combination of wind driven and thermal buoyancy effects to allow fresh air requirements during the heating season.

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