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EcoBuild 2016

Projects / Public Buildings

EcoBuild 2016 - ZED Pod

Project Information


Location: Excel, London

Project Date: 8th-10th March 2016




Project Status: Construction Finished

  • Homes for younger people and key workers who use public transport, bikes, e bikes and who are prepared to join a car pool.

  • Warm affordable home with low bills, daylight, ventilation and privacy available for rent at around same price as cheapest bedsit

  • Enhances quality of public realm.

  • Pop up orchards over parking can reclaim large barren tarmacked spaces

  • Permanent homes but also relocatable without losing original investment

  • Built to higher standards than required by building regs

  • Puts key worker homes right next to jobs and public transport

  • No funding required by local authorities or landowners to create affordable homes - just permission to install ZEDpods over their existing car parks for minimum duration of 25 years

  • Sale model possible providing long site lease possible to meet mortgage lenders requirements

  • Rental finance option available

  • Excellent way of providing worker accommodation for businesses in areas where homes are unaffordable

Construction Sequnce

Prefabricated precision made kit of parts makes it easy to hold stock without large storage costs.

All that is needed is a rented shed and local labour to create local jobs and reduce transport costs.

Production under cover is not affected by weather so winter productivity higher than conventional site.

Easy to scale up production to meet local demand without high investment. Only space and labour is needed.

This is in marked contrast with the substantial investment needed for most offsite iniatives.

  • Can be delivered quickly - the prototype was built in three weeks by a core team of 6

  • Can be delivered in large numbers without large investment

  • Creates near overnight pop up communities clustered around existing public transport nodes without significant loss of existing parking

  • Can be used to develop existing garage blocks on estates without losing parking

  • Pop up orchards over parking can reclaim large barren tarmacked spaces

  • Shelter for parking adds value

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