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School ZED

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School ZED

A concept that can be easily adapted to most urban, suburban and rural sites (2008)

The ZED building physics model and associated supply chain is the lowest cost route to procuring zero carbon schools and university accommodation.

The passive superinsulated building fabric with heat recovery ventilation has worked well for seven years at BedZED, and the latest developments in building integrated renewable energy microgeneration - mean that smaller sites can achieve carbon neutrality without requiring additional power purchased from outside the site boundaries. This demonstrates the effectiveness of zero fossil energy development to students on a daily basis - supplementing academic curriculums using the classroom enclosure and wider school environment. A very simple central corridor layout maximises circulation efficiency, and allows a variety of single and double height accommodation. Large central halls can be easily added for assembly, reception or sports facilities.

More Public Buildings

ZEDschool, Korea (2010)
ShanghaiPOD (2016)
Haras Embassai
Vantone, Beijing
DWCT Visitor Centre (2008)
Gao Jia Tang Village (2003)
Shangluo Maternity & Child Hospital
JIND Kids Daycare
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