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Shanghai POD 2016

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Shanghai POD 2016

Project Information


Client: Shanghai Art & Design Exhibition

Project Date: 2016



Location: Shanghai West Bund Art Centre

Project Status: Construction Finished

  Many cities expand from the centre outwards adding a ring road every 15 years or less.

  As this happens the land value increases concentrically on the inner rings, leading to large-scale demolition and rebuilding at higher densities.

  The construction materials needed for this urban expansion cycle accounts for nearly 50% of an expanding economy’s annual carbon footprint and nearly the same share of GDP.


So instead of the regular demolition of large swathes of urban territory, it makes sense to design buildings that can simply be easily moved into the next available ring following commercial pressures to develop each plot to maximise land value.

The ZED POD proposes moving the dormitory suburb direct to the workplace by building pop up workers villages above parking areas.

More Cars

More Congestion

More Air Pollution

The most common typology to be moved outwards away from the centre is light industrial with associated workers housing. This is rarely served by public transport networks necessitating very large car parks to connect the workplace to large high rise dormitory suburbs.

Shanghai Art & Design Exhibition

Interior View

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