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Buildings are only part of the story.

We need sustainable transport solutions in place across the city in order to reduce emissions to an acceptable level...

It has now become important to develop low-cost personal transportation for urban areas. Pollution and noise from fossil fuel powered vehicles make life in many cities unbearable. 
Public transport infrastructure is expensive to build and has a very high embodied carbon footprint. It is also difficult to find the initial capital cost to pay for this investment. Meanwhile in many countries the road building programme has advanced, making walkable urban neighbourhoods difficult to achieve in the short term, however desirable in long term regeneration strategies.

ZED transport

Choose a personal zero-carbon travel plan for your business because it’s cost-effective, more fun and it advertises your corporate values in highly conspicuous public streets.

ZEDfactory has analysed the different modes of transport on a life cycle carbon emitted per passenger-kilometre basis, which then takes into account the carbon and energy invested into the manufacture of the vehicle. The average supermini emits more than twice the amount manufacturers are quoting, because of the carbon emitted during the manufacturing process. The ZED E-Bike uses the least amount of carbon per passenger kilometre per unit cost; even less when charged from a ZED PV panel.

Each bike needs 1kw energy to charge them fully, one PV panel can generate 200kwh energy annually, enough to cover 6,000 miles per year. Each solar tree can potentially generate enough energy to power 12 bikes annually or about 16,000 to 28000 miles for a ZEDtrike or Renault Twizy.

Enviornmental Footprint

The graph shows the transport footprint (in red on the previous graph) in isolation for different typologies designed.

The e bike can make a major contribution to reducing the carbon footprint of personal travel - effectively displacing car use by encouraging people who wouldn’t normally cycle to switch to a low cost renewable energy powered urban and rural transportation system. The E bike enables a 15 to 20 km trip to be easily completed twice a day at speeds comparable or faster than cars in most town  and cities.

The ZED bike

Each forever ZED E-bike

  • Annually saves 1.3, 1.0, 0.2, and 0.1 tonnes of CO2 compared to taxi hire, private car, bus and tube respectively, in London City conditions.

  • Annually saves £10k and £1.6k compared to hiring a taxi or owning a supermini sized diesel car.

  • Has a payback period of 33 months for investors without considering additional revenue from e-bike branding and advertising opportunities.

  • Can cover 48 kilometres with a single charge at speeds from 24 to 40kmph and potentially has 80,000km of battery life.

  • Has 2 x LiFePO4 batteries capable of 1kwh of storage, giving 3500 full charge cycles; far higher than the 800 charges quoted by most e-bike manufacturers.

  • The first e-bike designed with two batteries, giving higher sustained speeds and range whilst maximizing battery life.


  • Reliable mode of transport 


  • Fast mode of transport in peak hours up to about 20Km/h (12.5 miles/hour), compared to city average of 9.6miles/hour (IFS Briefing,31)


  • Environmentally friendly 


  • Consuming less space on road (per person)


  • Economic mode of transport


  • Covering more distance with less human effort (compared to traditional bikes)

ZED dock

Each forever ZED dock

  • Is the first of its kind to deliver a low-cost zero-carbon transportation system for public use.

  • Has an optional solar mast which can be rotated for maximum solar gain, allowing the dock to be orientated in any direction.

  • Is designed to integrate or enhance the public realm as street furniture, and as an urban landmark with its unique design.

  • Is fitted with two accessible batteries to charge other models of e-bike, or other appliances for when an e-bike is not docked.

  • Has huge potential to provide valuable advertising space for businesses.

  • Can be gifted to city councils with zero installation costs in exchange for advertising rights..

Solar shade canopies with integrated public seating, coffee kiosks and e-bikes docks for both private users and rental - are suitable for any locations with high footfall.

EcoBuild Exhibtion, London

ZED trike

We have also developed a nippy compact electric trike, with two wheels on the front for good road holding, and the electric motor integrated economically into the rear wheel.
With shelter from the rain, optional doors, space for shopping, solar charging with additional grid top up, this space saving E-Trike is more economical and more convenient than a conventional full sized electrical car and, as it has zero tail-pipe emissions is clean enough to be parked in your lobby.

Front Door Opening System

Door panels slide along rail

Handles - Insdie & Outside

Side Door Opening System

Restraining Pins

(to allow doors to be open while in motion)

Front Seat used as luggage / goods compartment

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