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Imagine a ZEDlife...

We believe it is possible to plan a stable, equitable future at the same time as increasing our overall collective quality of life and achieving a step change reduction in resource consumption. Endless environmental checklists will not solve real life problems. For this reason ZEDfactory have developed a range of proven tools that can meet the environmental performance targets of what we call the ‘ZEDlife

What is the ZEDlife?

• Zero fossil Energy Developments

• One reworking our urban areas to reduce society's addiction to fossil fuel

• One which reduces our need to fight for oil abroad

• One which doesn't contribute to accelerating climate change

• One which minimises health problems by emitting no fossil-fuelled air pollution

• One which minimises the need for nuclear with associated security risk

• One which seeks to rebalance income and resource inequalities nationally and internationally

• One which minimises its impact on the planet

• One which results in a higher quality of life for all people

What characteristics does it have?

Zero Electric Bills

Zero Heating Bills

Zero Lifecycle Carbon Footprint

Zero Waste To Landfill

Reduced Water Bills

Increased Local Jobs

Reduced Transport Carbon Footprint

Increased Durability

Increased Levels Of Daylight & Ventilation

Increased Sales Value Offseting Increased Construction Cost

The ZED wheel

Reducing Environmental Footprint

On a finite planet, every human being has a fair share of limited natural resources. Historically transport has restricted human civilisations to the resources contained within their host bioregion, however, today access to fossil fuels has facilitated both a global economy and spectacular over consumption at a depletion rate aggravated by the reproductive success of the species. To move from plague species to planetary curators we must collectively match consumption with available resource levels at the same time as demonstrating a workable and aspirational quality of life. It is difficult to achieve the reductions in environmental footprint proposed by the ‘contraction and convergence’ models that calculate each human’s rights to scarce natural capital. Studies by Best Foot Forward/SEI/Bioregional in 2000 require significant changes to lifestyle and habits. The diagram to the left shows broadly the proportions of CO2 for one's personal carbon footprint, and that if we want to be truly sustainable, then all segments need reducing.

ZEDfactory believe that a pragmatic way to start the process of contraction and convergence begins by carefully modifying a small part of an existing community, using zero carbon projects to prove that a lower resource footprint is workable, fun and of higher value. By reducing resource demand on a plot by plot basis – it is always possible to reduce the overall demands of the city. We believe that concentrating on behaviour change alone can lead to ecofascism, and it is always better to provide the public with a well-considered infrastructure framework that facilitates a low carbon lifestyle – allowing each individual to adapt when and if they see fit. The following calculations examine the range of technologies that would be required to an obtain a fair earthshare ecological and carbon footprint meeting the ‘contraction and convergence’ model. The footprints are done on a per habitant basis.

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