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United Kingdom

Beddington, London

One of ZEDfactory’s biggest UK projects (2002)


The first experimental ‘ZED‘ (1995)

Cornwall, UK

A zero carbon landmark building: A centre for all the community (2006)

BRE Innovation Park, UK

An Innovative affordable zero carbon housing system (2016)

Hastings, UK

Zero Bills Homes on site at Hastings (2016)

Newport, Essex, UK

Zero Bills Home Eco Development (2016)


Terrace of RuralZED zero carbon homes: the first commercial development to achieve the coveted BRE Code 6 ‘as built’ certification (2007)

Doncaster, UK

With a mostly transient occupancy, the design concentrates lesson heat loss, and more on pleasing and functional space (2001)

London, UK

Generating as much energy from renewable sources in a year as it consumes (2004)

Andover, UK

Housing that increases the quality of life for its residents (2007)

Chalkwell, UK

A sustainable refurbishment of a grade II listed building into an arts and community centre (2009)

Brighton, UK

Sports Centre & Accommodation (2012)

Old Shoreham Cement Works, UK

Renovating the Shoreham Cement Works to create a world class visitor-centre and leisure complex in the heart of the South Downs National Park (2014-now)

Petersfield, UK

Our idea is to create an outward looking house on an inward looking site (2015)

East Yelland Quay, UK

Yelland solar farm, solar innovation centre and solar panel breeding plant (2011)

Cornwall, UK

Inspiring addition to a natural and historical context (2010)

Brighton, UK

Bespoke home on small plot (2010)

Old Hawne Lane, Halesowen (2014)

Newquay, UK

Proposals for seven eco-homes to be built on the site of the former Penhallow Hotel (2016)

Newquay, UK

14 dwellings built to a high environmental standard: zero carbon & zero bills specification (2016)

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