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Having introduced all the ingredients we look into to achieve a zero carbon life, the next step is to integrate them into the city and apply them to building forms.

We illustrate ways to achieve this, and to build low carbon at high densities in this section...

Different typologies need different low carbon constructional systems


ZEDfactory has masterplanned on various scales, in different countries, with different climates. Each masterplan is a combination of climate, client requirements, local housing markets, current and projected demand and budget. The end goal for all of our masterplans is to produce a place which meets the needs of today's population, without inhibiting the needs of tomorrow's population.


Beddington, London

One of ZEDfactory’s biggest UK projects (2002)

Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Centre

Jingdezhen City, China

The architecture and master planning are by ZEDfactory and will be one of the best global examples of low carbon urbanism applied to an interesting and diverse public realm.

Dalian Eco-Town

Dalian, LIaoning Province

The masterplan consists of a development to accommodate 950+ apartments and more than 350,000 cubic meters of built space on farmers land

Tongshan Masterplan

Tongshan, Jiangsu Province

This masterplan project is an example of how to design ecotowns for warmer climates


Designing for World Climate Zones

ZEDfactory has substantial experience in designing buildings and cityscapes in many of the world's climate regions. By selecting the most suitable energy strategies, construction methods and renewable technologies, we are able to produce buildings and design urban extensions suitable for a large percentage of the earth's populated area.




South Korea





New Zeland


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